Jubilee Field - the History

Between 1944 to 1956, the sum of £690 was raised by means of whist drives, concerts, gymkhanas, etc., for the purpose of building a Village Hall, in the Parish of Lezant. Enthusiasm for the project waned due to a failure to find a suitable site and the money was placed on bank deposit. However, in May, 1975 it was agreed, by the Village Hall Committee, to approach the owner of a candidate field situated in Trekenner. On 20th July,1976 a Charitable Trust was created to handle the accumulated fund and on 14th September, 1976 the 1 hectare field, adjacent to Trekenner Primary School, was purchased for the sum of £2000. The deficit of £400 was afforded by a precept of a 1 penny rate by the Parish Council.

On 1st June, 1977 the Trust conveyed the field’s ownership to Lezant Parish Council, which acts as Custodian Trustee. Jubilee Field was officially opened by Mr Harry Jones on 7th June, 1977, to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, hence the name.

The Lezant Parish Trust, through the auspices of its Trustees, safeguard the future of the field as a play and recreation facility for the benefit of the Parish. Management is the responsibility of the Parish Council. A mutually beneficial arrangement, between the Parish Council and Trekenner School, cedes the school exclusive use of Jubilee Field during term time, in exchange for green-keeping and a small rent.

A toilet block and play equipment were later installed, largely with the aid of grants.

Most local people will associate Jubilee Field with the venue of the Lezant Horticultural Society Annual Show, held in August.

The field is open to all parishioners to exercise and play or simply admire the fantastic views.