Lezant Parish Taxi Scheme (Only available for residents of Lezant Parish)

The parish council subsidy for the taxi scheme is now £4 per trip, return £4 each way. The fares charged by Launceston Taxis are as below. As a resident of Lezant Parish, you are entitled to a subsidy of £4.00 for any taxi journey at any time, so long as a taxi is available.

To take advantage of the scheme the taxi must be pre-booked through Launceston Taxis on 07340 813434.

The taxi driver will have a form that he will complete. You sign the form and pay the reduced rate to the driver.

Please note that the single fares quoted below are for guidance only, if you live outside one of the villages the fare may differ slightly: (Subsidy £4.00 )

Lezant £8.00 You pay £4.00

Tregada £8.00 You pay £4.00

Trekenner £9.00 You pay £5.00

Trekelland £8.00 You pay £4.00

Trebullett £9.00 You pay £5.00

Treburley £9.00 You pay £5.00

Rezare £9.50 You pay £5.50

For example - a return journey from Treburley to Launceston will cost £10 in total.

The Parish Council would encourage all residents to use the taxi whenever possible although it is appreciated that a taxi is not always available. Pre-booking the day before can sometimes help.

Please remember, the taxi cannot be used on a regular basis for commuting between home and work, nor as a school-run vehicle.

Notice Date: 12/02/2020