July 2021
Trebullett Methodist Church Hall

Parish Council Meeting

I hereby give notice of the next regular meeting of the Lezant Parish Council to be held at the Trebullett Methodist Church Hall, Trebullett on Tuesday 13th July at 7:30pm. The agenda for the meeting is shown below. Residents please note: Due to Covid 19 restrictions numbers to attend are restricted. Please contact the Clerk in advance if you wish to attend. If attending the meeting you must adhere to the following guidelines: Please do not attend if you have suffered from any symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days. Please wear a mask for the duration of the meeting (you can remove it to speak). Please sanitise your hands on entry and exit. Please stay seated throughout the meeting in the seat allocated to you by the Clerk. Please sign the register on entry to the meeting (your details will be destroyed after 21 days) Dates are subject to alteration. For confirmation please contact the Clerk, Mrs Sam Inman (01566 784050) Email: lezantparishclerk@gmail.com Members of the public are entitled and welcome to attend Council meetings but not to participate. Ten minutes are allowed before meetings commence for the public to comment on any matter.