March 2018
Tuesday, 19:30
St Briochus Church Room in Lezant

Parish Council Meeting

Dates are subject to alteration. For confirmation please contact the Clerk, Mrs Sam Inman (01566 784050) Email: lezantparishclerk@gmail.com Members of the public are entitled and welcome to attend Council meetings but not to participate. Ten minutes are allowed before meetings commence for the public to comment on any matter. Plans relating to all Planning Applications and the Register of Members’ Interests are available for inspection by appointment with the Clerk and at the offices of Cornwall Council. Copies of Minutes of Meetings, correspondence, etc., will be provided upon request at a charge of 10p per A4 sheet to cover printing costs or may be inspected by prior appointment with the Clerk. All information available is listed in the Guide to Information in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000. One copy of this has been distributed to all households in the Parish. Further copies are available from the Clerk at a cost of 50p each to cover copying and printing costs.