Lezant Horticultural Society (Affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society)

Annual Horticultural Show location: at the Jubilee field, Trekenner

Show Date: Second Saturday in August

Official Opening: 2.30 p.m with Awards and Prizes presented at 4.45 p.m.

Admission £1.00 / Children 50p

The Lezant Horticultural Society of today…

The original Lezant Horticultural Society was wound up in 1962, sadly due to a lack of helpers and it remained in dormant until 1978, when the Parish Council of the day urged a new generation of gardeners and parishioners to try and revive the Society.

A group of people in the parish were invited to form a committee, and in 1978, under the chairmanship of Mr Ken Harvey, the modern day Lezant Horticultural Society was born, with Mr Leonard Tregoning, of Landue, as the first President.

In 2018 the Society celebrated its 40th anniversary, with many former Vice-Presidents, and past committee members, coming together for a special lunch on Show Day 2018, uniting past and present members in their shared memories of Horticultural Shows through the years.

The Society has gone from strength to strength, and is highly regarded by parishioners and official Judges throughout the parish and beyond. It is a real highlight of the year and takes place on the second Saturday in August at the Jubilee Field in Trekenner.

The people of the parish are rightly proud of their Show and long may it continue. If you are in the area when its is on do come and in us or a splendid family afternoon for all ages.